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Bisexual Pride Flag Button

Bisexual Pride Flag Button

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This :Bisexual" Pride Flag pinback button is a perfect way to show your support for the bisexual community! Featuring the classic bi-colored design of pink, purple, and blue, this button is a great way to add a bit of flair to any outfit. Show your pride loud and proud with this 2.25 inch pinback button. With its vibrant colors and strong message, this button is sure to make a statement. Be proud and show your support with this Bisexual Pride Flag pinback button. Order yours today!




The Bisexual Pride Flag was created in 1998 by Michael Page. His idea for the flag represents pink and blue blending to make purple. The way that bisexual people can blend into the straight community and the gay community.


The colors of the flag also represent attraction to different genders. The pink symbolizes attraction to the same gender, while the blue represents attraction to a different gender. The purple represents attraction to two or more genders, the definition of bisexuality.