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Butch Lesbian Purple Flag Button

Butch Lesbian Purple Flag Button

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This "Butch Lesbian" Flag Button is a great way to show your pride and solidarity with the Butch Lesbian community! It's the perfect addition to any jacket, backpack, or bag! This pinback button is made of durable metal and is perfect for proudly displaying your support for the Butch Lesbian community. Order yours today!




Tumbler user Dorian—rutherford produced the first butch lesbian pride flag in 2016 using shades of blues and purple. The flag was created for lesbians who do not identify with the lipstick lesbian flag, which has strong feminine overtones. The original tumbler post was removed; however, it later reappeared on


People have speculated that the blue signifies masculinity, the purple represents lesbian and woman-identified folks, and the white represents people across the gender and sexuality spectrums more widely, despite the fact that the artist never clearly stated the significance of the colors.


There is a another version of the Butch Lesbian Flag that the colors are orange.

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