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Demiboy Pride Flag Button

Demiboy Pride Flag Button

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This "Demiboy" Pride Flag Button is the perfect way to show your support for the Demiboy community. Featuring bright and vibrant colors, this pinback button is designed to make a statement. Show your pride with this stylish and eye-catching button, and let everyone know you are an ally for the Demiboy community. The pinback is made of high-quality metal and is sure to last for years. Show your support and order your Demiboy Pride Flag Button and order yours today.




The Demiboy Pride Flag was created in 2015 by the Tumblr user Transrants. While Transrants did not explicitly explain the colors, the demiboy community who identify with the flag have assigned meaning to them. The flag features four colors, blue represents manhood/masculinity, white represents non-binary or agender, and the shades of grey represents the grey areas and partial connections to other genders than