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"Graysexual" Pride Flag Button

"Graysexual" Pride Flag Button

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This Graysexual Pride Flag Button is the perfect way to show your support for the Graysexual community. It features a bright and vibrant design with the colors grey, white, and lavender. Wear it with pride and show your support for those who identify as Graysexual. This pinback button is perfect for any lapel, backpack, or bag and is sure to make a statement. Show your pride and support with this Graysexual Pride Flag Button. Order yours today!




Milith Rusignuolo created the first version of the Graysexual pride flag in 2013. It features two lines of purple on the top and bottom of the flag, two grey lines further in, with a white center line. The colors are supposed to represent someone starting with no sexual attraction (purple - asexuality), then going through an episode of attraction (grey to white), with white indicating allosexuality from the asexual flag, and then returning to asexuality once again.


Graysexual is used to describe a person who identifies themselves asexual but does not fall into one of the primary kinds of asexuality.