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Maverique Pride Flag Button

Maverique Pride Flag Button

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The "Maverique" Pride Flag is the perfect way to show your pride and support. Made from high-quality material, this flag features a yellow, white and orange pattern.  This flag is perfect for wearing on your lapel, pinning to backpacks, or displaying in your home. Show your pride and show your support with the Maverique Pride Flag.  Order yours today!




The Maverique pride flag was first created on Tumblr by Vesper H. (queerascat) in 2014, who coined the term "Maverique" to describe their gender. The term combines the English words "maverick" and the French suffix "ique." Maverique is a non-binary or abinary gender with significant gendered experiences but is neither male nor female. However, it is not a lack of gender; it is defined by autonomy and inner conviction about a gender that is unusual and exists outside the standard conceptions of gender. Maverique individuals are free to use whatever pronouns they prefer and present themselves however they want.


The colors of the Maverique pride flag are yellow, white, and orange. The yellow represents non-binary gender – as yellow is a primary color (meaning it isn't obtainable from combining any other colors and is entirely independent of other primary colors, cyan (blue) and magenta (pink), Vesper H believed it was the perfect analogy for maverique's relationship with masculinity and femininity. Non-binary genders are also frequently related to the color yellow. White represents autonomy or independence from the gender binary and the spectrum of genders created by the combinations of cyan/blue (masculinity) and magenta/pink (femininity). White is a blank slate upon which maverique is based. Orange represents the inner conviction of what a maverique feels regarding their gender. It also describes the unorthodox and individualistic nature of mavericks.