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Straight Ally Flag Button

Straight Ally Flag Button

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This "Straight Ally" Flag Button is the perfect way to show your support and appreciation of the LGBTQ+ community!  It's a great way to show your allyship and make a powerful statement in support of LGBTQ+ rights. 


The button is made from high-quality metal and measures 2.25 inch in diameter, making it perfect for wearing on shirts, backpacks, and jackets.   Wear it with pride and let the world know you stand with the LGBTQ+ community. Order yours today!




The Straight Ally flag is using the black-white "colors" of the heterosexual flag as a field, it adds a large rainbow colored "A" (for "Ally") to indicate straight support for the Gay Pride/Equal Marriage movement.


A straight ally or heterosexual ally is a heterosexual and/or cisgender person who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, LGBT social movements, and challenges homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. A straight ally believes that LGBT people face discrimination and thus are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Red equals life

Orange symbolizes healing
Yellow stands for sunlight
Green represents nature
Indigo stands for serenity
Violet represents the spirit of LGBTQ people
The black and white stripes represent straight.
The rainbow portion of the flag takes the form of an "A", representing the word "allies"